this band is a band that only posers like. i used to like them but they have become posers. the only good cd is the first one. their new cd sucks hard. no one likes them anymore. give up guys you suck. also known as the gay "GC"
fiend: lets go see the GC concert
me: wtf? those guys suck hard!
by BrainStew1493 May 13, 2005
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a talent-less poser band that tries to make everyone think they are punk when they are definitely not.

anyone who thinks they are punk has no clue what punk is and should probably shut up and finish they're homework (fucking teenyboppers). this band has no talent and plays nothing but formulaic cliche poptard music.

the average age group of listeners is 14. anyone older than that who likes good charlotte is just a dumb-fuck preppy who is too stupid to find real music to listen to.
Good Charlotte is NOT punk.

Good Charlotte is listened to by 14 year-old teenybopper little boys.

Good Charlotte, along with Avril Lavigne, have tarnished the punk image with their conformist pop retardations.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
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.Adjective to describe self-declared 'artists' that wrecked the miniute chance of decent prosperty they had by emoing their way to the dark side that is commercialism and materialism
GC: Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, they're always complaining

Me: Didn't you demand Mcdonalds delivered food to you because youre 'celebrities'?

GC: We're going to write a song about how ignorant you are

Me: fuckheads...
by kimmy booth June 12, 2005
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A pop rock band. Good Charlotte is NOT punk rock. They tend to contradict the ideals of the punk movement, actually, and have spawned a fanbase of teenagers who consider themselves 'different' and 'rebellious'.

This band sucks, and none of the members are hot or good-looking. They look like the majority of other pop rock bands out there.
Poseur #1: After I'm done cutting myself, want to go to Hot Topic and buy the new Good Charlotte t-shirt!?

Poseur #2: Sure!
by Rabbit Von Haspenfucker May 25, 2005
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haha calling this band punk is like calling eminem a rock artist. this is pop at its worst. this is sacrilege to the punk genre to groups like black flag, dead kennedys this must be a slap in the face to those bands. gc is just a shame for music in general. listen to someone with real talent like opeth, porcupine tree, dream theater,buckethead, among countless others who are obviously more talented that these two chord "punk" group
poser kid: i love good charlotte
me: *kills violently*

is that a good example for ya, hate on me all you want gc retards
by rupturedinsides June 14, 2005
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Well this is easy...

Shit. Pure, utter, gay shit. Only famous because MTV made them that way. One of clear channel's prized possessions.
Good Charlotte- I'd rather drink the fluid that comes out of a piece of elephant dung than listen to those cocks.
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The Gayest Fucking band in existence. headed by a castrated White guy who thinks he's black.
Person 2: (beats the holy fuck out of guy 1)
by AlbertG June 14, 2005
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