I think u should all GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!! GC rox and I don't care if they "sold out" i liked them before they did and I do now and I don't think they sold out.....just because someone has fans doesn't mean they sold out!!Avril Lavigne is a fake....GC is real...they do what they love so screw you all!!!!!!!!
I think u should all go fuck yourselves and then rape usher.
by screwyou May 25, 2005
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a band that used to be great and then became sorta sellouts. but are still alright i guess...
me - anthem by Good Charlotte is the best song ever!
some jerk - dance floor anthem?
me - *kicks in shins* NO!
by punk fish September 24, 2007
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A band that is not quite as awful as people would have you believe, but still suck supreme ass most of the time and ARE NOT PUNK. And Joel
*does* think he's black. And is sort of on the ugly side. I was once a casual Good Charlotte fan, but I was never under the impression that they were 1) a band I should be proud of listening to, or 2) punk. They aren't punk. And if you are defending them as being punk and saying they're hot in the same enrty, you are whacked because punk is not about being hot, nor is about having a diary, lunchbox, stationary set etc, with your face on it, it's about the MUUUUUUUUUUUSIC and the lifestyle, you perfect idiots. You will grow up and realize the folly of your ways someday, my children.

Good GC songs: The Story Of My Old Man, My Bloody Valentine, The Young and the Hopeless

Bad GC songs: er, the rest of their entire musical catalogue?
"I am punk in my GC tee, visor, belt, socks, and shoes."
"Au contraire. You are a dumbass, stfu."
by xxxholic June 01, 2005
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a band that gets a lot of unecessary hate because people think they're "posers".

seriously, if you have to time to be hating on a band that will never acknowledge you, go use it on something that'll make the world a better place or something remotely productive
random: good charlotte isn't even punk!!!1!1!1!!! they're posers!!!1!!11!!!

someone who likes gc: and not everyone is entitled to your opinion are they?
by i cant rap January 15, 2018
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When a lowly temp-to-hire lab tech does a line clearance for a lead tech.
Im going to need a Good Charlotte pronto, that line clearance isnt going to do itself.
by tinkerbelle September 16, 2012
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A term that is used when rockers fight about bands, based on the whiny emo band "Good Charlotte." It is meant to imply that the person they are talking to listens to that music and therefore has no idea about music. Shortened version of "Go back to your Good Charlotte and shut up."
Rocker 1: Hey what do you think of Tool?

Rocker 2: Ugh, they suck. So overrated.

Rocker 1: Hey, Tool is badass!

Rocker 2: Good Charlotte.

Rocker 1: Aw, damn. Good point.
by morehumanthanhuman August 26, 2009
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