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This is what you say to someone avoiding the "Hey how are you?" that everyone hates, because no one really cares.

By using "Good you", you are not only asking a question, but referring to your general status. "Good"

Using this phrase in passing people will leaving them baffled and confused, yet you have not offended them.

NOTE - This can also be used as a pickup line.
Guy #1 (while walking by) - "Good you?"
Guy #2 - %Confused%
by Jacoola2011 July 25, 2011
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Best used in random moments. Fonz played out good you on Christmas bender 2012. Good you utilized usually while intoxicated, preferably on a thirty Thursday.
Fonz: Hey Phil where we going?
Phil: Good you?
Fonz: Not bad.
by FonzfomVancity October 23, 2013
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