A “good soul” is someone who respects and is helpful to others despite knowing that the world is full of disrespectful, aggressive, deceitful and ambitious people seeking to take advantage of others. The “good soul” is aware of all this, perhaps and most usually having been like these self-centred people himself or herself: but the “good soul” is the first to be kind and willing to trust first by giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. A “good soul” is essentially genuine or sincere. They are often honest and genuinely care about others.

However, a “good soul” does not mean a weakling that you can take advantage of endlessly: they may even be a great fighter in defending themselves and their family or friends, and can be aggressive if it is absolutely necessary: usually for the common good. A “good soul” is not timid or a coward: they’re just soft (compassionate and lenient) and kind. Happy to see others happy.
Odeh is so kind and understanding; a true “good soul”.
by FunkyRichy February 20, 2018
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