A band who got their first major hit from MTV. Consists of Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Billy Martin and Paul Thomas. Sing pop punk.
NOTE: should not any way be connected with avril lavingue. good charlotte are not posers unlike many think. they did sell out a bit when their second album hit big and alot of teenies joined the fan base but were never posers like avril.
by emma-rose August 06, 2005
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A really shitty sell out band that sounds like every other emo/punk band. To every one who is sticking up for Good Charlotte, you know damn well that no one would know who Good Charlotte is if it wasn't for MTV. It's not because they're good that everyone knows them, its because MTV SAYS they're good that everyone knows who they are.
I once saw two guys kissing in public and i thought that was the gayest thing ever, then i heard a Good Charlotte song
by notaslave May 14, 2006
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The worst boy band on the face of the earth that thinks they are hardcore but really they arent. They also like to suck big fat cock.
"0 mi g0d 1 l1k3 l0v3 Good Charlotte th3y r s0 hardc0r3 m@n!!!!!" - some poseur
by Good Charlotte hater for life February 27, 2006
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For the past 13 years of my life, i never liked them. Its like preppy meets hardcore(for them which in real life its pop) Like a another band name for those poppy boy bands you heard on mtv. I guess wtf went wrong with the backstreet boys a.k.a. good charlotte.
person 1-i like love Good Charlotte!!!!THEY HAVE A REASON TO WHINEE!!!
me-wow, you have not heard real music.
by okkk June 13, 2006
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simply said...the worst band on the face of the earth.they should do the world a favor and die.(and take all the emo kids with them)
hey dude,you listen to good charlotte.........? MAN THAT SHIT SUCKS!!!!!!!!
by Hearse060 February 25, 2007
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a band that people judge to much; and keep doing it because the band doesnt give a fuck what people say.

They take a look at the world from a postive and negative point of veiw. but people always judge them anyways, sure the Madden twins had a rough life since their dad left, but their mom was alaways there for them, and if she wasn't who knows what they'd be like today, they'd probably dress even more punk, and their music would become huge ass punk too.

But i talk to alot of people on their site, from their message boards. those people might not even be here today if Good Charlotte wasn't inderectly there for them, with their song "hold on." that just goes to show people that how one song, from one band can change billions of peoples lifes; and i don't even think they no that that one song written for their friends has affected billions. i'm sure i wouldn't be here today writing this review today, if not for them and their song.

but its not just a couple of songs and image who make them who they are; Good Charlotte. it's their personality that makes them them. Benji is a very good example of what i mean. he comes off looking all punk, like he doesn't give a care in the world, but underneath it all, hes a miracle. he gives change to homeless people and cares very much for his family and friends; but not everyone nos that, just becuase they judge before getting to know people.

and at their concert they tell you,: to follow your dreams, not to give up just because things go wrong, after all shit happens.
2 lines of hold on by good charlotte:
but we all bleed the same way as you do.
but we all have the same things to go through.
by rachel ainsworth July 25, 2006
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