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Huge protruding breasts, usually somewhat rotund and defying gravity, not hanging, saggy or floppy. A combination of the words gondola and bazooka.
Harry: Psst! Check out Jizmona's gonzorkas.
Blaze: Hey, what happened, girl, did you get a surgery? Why so big up front?
Jizmona: Tee-hee. No, I went away for summer holidays to the Catskills with my parents, flat as a board, and they just grew and grew. Six weeks later and they're still growing. Stretchmarks all over. It's scary.
Blaze: So what're you doing after school tonight.....?

Tod: Old Mrs Gillespie, my boss, is so stacked. Every time I get a glimpse of her gonzorkas when she bends forward, I almost shoot my wad.
Carson: Well, don't let us cramp your style. She's single. Man up. Lay some lines.
by Zoschenko September 04, 2018
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