1. To checkout from reality. To be unaware of what's going on.
2. To drop the duties of daily life and go do something else, something nice.
"Honey, you good to go? We agreed today we'd settle the dentist bill, buy new shoes for the kids, drink tea with my mom and then you'd clean the bathroom filter, remember? honey...? Are you there...?" Johnny was gone fishing.
by dadadal August 25, 2015
A common slang term used for a sports team that has just been eliminated or never made the postseason. (mostly used in the NBA)
by HardBodies June 19, 2008
Crazy; having gone insane
"Well looks like george has finnaly gone off his rocker." "Yep he's definatly gone fishing..."
by Skunk April 23, 2004
Verb: When one has an affair or partakes in activities with infidelity
Hey where's your wife
I don't know but I think she has Gone Fishing
by Scorpiosareneverwrong March 18, 2019
sometimes shortened to simply 'fishing'
a phrase commonly used to inform others in a discrete manner that you are (or will be) busy because you're reading the most spine-tingling, toe-curling, bone-shaking, sheet-gripping, gay smut on AO3 (or Wattpad if you're stra*ght).
"Sorry I didn't see your text I was gone fishing."
"What were you just doing?" "Sorry I was fishing."
Heading out into the world of nature to explore things far beyond one can normally venture.
1: "Where Joe at?"

2: "He gone fishing with Ashley again."

1: "Hope he catches something."

2: "Yeah, but I reminded him to bring lots of fish wrap in case he didn't wanna use the master bait. I hope he didn't forget..."
by ogdajuiceman October 10, 2011
when you are sat on the shitter and the stool is still hanging out of your anus whilst touching the water
by blenheimlad February 3, 2011