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This dance was invented by Lorde. It was created when she concentrated really hard on feeling what she heard, which made her look like Gollum. When you're golluming you use your hands as claws, hunch your shoulders and back and bend your knees and arms. If you don't get this, just watch a video of her performing.
"What's Lorde doing, is she on drugs?"
"Nope, she's just golluming!"
by frostmage December 16, 2013
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A FML moment. LMD

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Wish this never happened. LMD
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To sit in some kind of seat while concentrating on texting/chatting on your cell phone and making various small but awkward noises. (e.g. snickering, giggling, huffing, audible but non-understandable words, etc.)
"What's Tracy doing?"
"Oh, she's golluming in her chair. Just ignore her."
by CrowScream February 01, 2013
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When one goes into a tizzy as a result of a great deal of frustration and is no longer able to control their words and bodily functions, almost like a seizure but not quite as severe. More like a mental break down. They start talking in a low deep voice (sounding much like the character Gollum from LOTR) to themselves trying to debate how they should handle the situation. A higher tendency in girls rather than boys, most golluming is due to a boy messing with a girls head.
ksjafhkdsjfh GOLLUM .

dude, shes golluming and i think its my fault

uh oh caits golluming again.
by friedicecream13 January 08, 2010
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Golluming is the ability to climb over rocks and other objects at a fast speed. Often mistaken for free running, The word golluming is widely used in the "Gollum" community, although not many know if its true meaning.
OMFG, did you see that guy golluming, he got over those rocks and into that cubby hole
by The gollumer March 03, 2008
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1. The sport or activity of being Gollum.
"I enjoy golluming in rivers at the weekend"
"I gave him such a golluming on Sunday that he couldn't comfortably sit down, raise his left arm or cough."
by skivemonkey January 17, 2014
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Walking around hunched over. Saying "my precious" and hanging around dark locations like under bridges / in caves or alleys.
Retard: Did you hear about the new viral fad, batmanning?

BadAss: Batmanning is so 10 minutes ago. I'm precious
by Tryingtogetfamous September 16, 2011
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