1. m. Character found in the book 'Lord of the Rings' Smeagol.

2. f. Woman obsessed by desire to get a ring on her finger to the point of self-debasement and self-loathing.

3. m. Male who guides a hobbit into the Land of Mordor and thence into the Crack of Doom.

4. mf. Sexual partner intent on slipping their finger into your precious ring.
"Blimey, that bird I had last night was a right Gollum. She must be medically trained, checking my prostrate out like that."
by Cheesewhiff January 16, 2006
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1. An acceptable replacement to any curse word. Used to express distress, uncomfort, or displeasure.

2. May also be used with crossed eyes and abnormal noises to scare you children.
When Blaire saw her ex-boyfriend in the mall, she quickly moved to the other side and muttered "Gollum!" under her breath.

While standing in line at DisneyWorld, Claire passed the time by golluming at young children. They would run away in fear
by volleykree January 03, 2010
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A villain in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. He is after The Preciousss. Has double personalities--Gollum, the evil one, and Smeagol, the good one. Ate Frodo's finger.
"WE MUST GET TEH PRECIOUSSSS!!!11!!1oneone!!1eleven"
by Nyanko February 05, 2004
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he wants tjhe preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

ahh the precioussssssssssssssssssssssssss
by egypo September 18, 2003
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The act of taking another's precious possessions and refusing to return them.
Steve: Have you seen my pornos bro?
Dan: Sorry buddy, I think Damon's gollumed them.
by apteryx April 04, 2013
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Cooler cousin of got 'em. Exclamed when complete ownage over someone/something is acheived. Said mostly by Nerds 4 Life but can be said by anyone.
'I take your monroe doctrine and raise you a nato'
by martimer/marv May 25, 2005
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Used as a insult to anyone who is under average height, with facial features resembling Lord of the Ring's character Gollum.
Karl: I wear a loincloth.

Karl: I am not a gollum.

All: Yes you are.
by ThePrecious January 25, 2010
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