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Golden snitch and I get some mythical creature you can find the forest in order to summon him you have to put down for a bucket of chicken from KFC and one piece of corn meal in the buckets he will only come out at 12 a.m. and his movement patterns are quite obscure he wears a long trench coat with no pants and different colored socks you can rarely find him wearing a slipper but that's a one out of a thousand chance his face is painted gold and his ears are shaped like the golden snitch from Harry Potter trademark one of his quotes is shut the f****** b**** dumb m*********** and where are my raviolis my boy he is a very good boy with a low chicken tolerance yet he has a high tolerance to whips and chains
Look over there! Its the golden snitch nigga! We must catch him for various wishes
by Golden snitch nigga June 16, 2018
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