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The event in which an individual is awoken by the sound, smell, taste, or feeling of being pissed on.

Primarily received by (but not limited to) unsuspecting or unwilling individuals.

Most commonly delivered by an individual but there have been rare occurrences in which multiple people simultaneously contribute.
J - "I drank damn near two liters of cheap tequila last night and woke up feeling like deep fried dog shit"

R - "You think that's bad? I got so drunk I blacked out, woke up to a Golden Sunrise..."

J - "Golden Sunrise??"

R - "Yeah, Basically that prick Kyle, his sister Stacy, even his damn Chihuahua gave me a golden shower..... AS A WAKE UP!"
by Playze June 19, 2011
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An event in which an individual about to give oral sex to an uncut penis retracts the foreskin to reveal a thick layer of knob cheese.
P - "I wouldn't go down on him, he doesn't clean under his foreskin!"

R - "Why, that doesn't matter?"

P - "As long as you don't mind being awoken by a golden sunrise."
by pgolden992 October 15, 2013
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