A young girl who will get away with whatever they want, because they’re a tall, usually blonde, annoying, they’re an attention whore, and they continue to talk sh*t on everyone and don’t pay the price.
Girl 1: that girl over there never gets introuble for talking sh*t on me but i get introuble for talking shit on her

Girl 2: She sounds like a Golden Girl!
by Extrovert April 12, 2019
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Psycho ass bitches from Francis Howell High School on the dance team. All are crazy and two faced as fuck!!!!
Bro she is such a golden girls so two faced and all the moms are wack
by Pottywords2343 January 31, 2020
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The formal act of shaming, by full-screening a Youtube video, typically of the popular television show Golden Girls, for leaving one's laptop unlocked, whilst attending to physical matters.

etymology: Explorys, circa 2012
Yo... he just left his computer unlocked:
we should golden girl him.
by deekim October 28, 2019
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