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the ancient coveted dildo made of solid gold rumored to be from Cabildo. Discovered in history by Moses, he lead the jews out with his magical dildo. It is believed it lights the way at night. Since then it has been in the possession of Caesar, Alexander the Great, NPH. Its whereabouts are now unknown but a young man named Clayton Acy is on a journey around the world to find it.
Acy "Golden Dildo"
by the golden dildologist February 25, 2010
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ive got pretty tired of calling people retard, cock hole, fag, etc... so ive decided when somebody whats to be a dumbass im just gonna call them a golden dildo
me: ron why are you such a golden dildo?
ron: what are you talking about?
me: god damn your a golden dildo.
by mr86vision November 15, 2009
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A dildo that has magic powers and is said to only penetrate virgins. And is also used by fat chicks for pleasurement in the asshole and vagina making them squirt pussy juice all over themselves.
Example1:Hey Tim! Have you been raped by the GoldenDildo yet?

Example2:i heard that the fat chick over there got raped by the GoldenDildo.
by blorchinator33.432.43432.3 January 16, 2009
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