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Situated in the left partial-lobe and has sense of 'spatial self', this newly discovered region in the brain (by means of fMRI 'functional magnetic resonance imagery' scanning technique), is hotly debated now as that same region that links us humans to God or the purported thought of having one.
Scientists are never tired of giving us various, quasi-scientific new intelligence tests in a plethora of testing methods: SQ ('spiritual quotient', also called sometimes SI 'spiritual intelligence'). This intelligence test advocates the God spot which give off 40 Hz oscillations that can be detected in the brain, and according to Robert Freitas there's a new Q! Called also SQ for Sentient Quotient: it is the amount of data a living organism can process per unit of time (baud/kilogram), which vary bewteen +50 in uberhumans, down to -20 in living 'insentient' plants!
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
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The parking spot closest to your destination. This spot is rarely available, but when it is you feel like it was divine intervention.
Holly S&*& Damien, The God Spot is Open.
by yekans January 03, 2008
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UK: Sunday evening between 5-7pm many television channels show relgeous programs, this is known as the God Spot.
There's nothing on the tele, lets go for a beer while the God spots on.
by Blue Cawdrey November 18, 2004
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