The full name of our Christian God.
Trivial Question:

What the last name of God

A: Dang it
B: Darn it
C: Dammit
D: None of the above

Random Contestant: Is it "C", Dammit?

Host: You're correct. God's full name is God Fucking Dammit!

Contestants and Guests applaud.
by Viscount Druitt March 23, 2022
When you're more pissed than just a simple god dammit. Used quite often when filling out tax forms. Or when passing your second hour at the DMV.
See page 35, sub-section 2B under allowable deductions then print in triplicate? God fucking dammit! What warped minds came up with this shit???
by Badgerbear May 15, 2007
The phrase one or more says when they think they have created the greatest word ever, and before adding it to urban dictionary, find that it is already there.
Dude, I came up with the word cummy ache. i'm gonna put it on urban dictio...wait... God Fucking Dammit!!!!
by Naterp0tater November 3, 2010
what you say after getting hit in the toe by a corner
*hits toe*
"god fucking dammit you piece of shit, i wanna kill my self"
by dam_son December 6, 2016