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A large, heavy set young man that is the leader of all facuties everywhere. Another person on this website stated that the God Facutie is a fat, cute kid named Julien when infact the real and only God Facutie is a man named Torrin A. B. who currently is going to college near Albany NY.
by Icelantic Man January 20, 2011
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The cutest and fatest person alive. The god facutie is the leader of all facuties. Once the god facutie is born the title cannot be removed until death. At the present day the god facutie is Julien. Past god facuties include Rodger Wilder, Jason Beall and others.
All hail the god facutie. There is no one cuter and fatter than he!
by Master of Dictionary January 04, 2011
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