A "god church" is a term used by the youtube and television star Jake Paul.
The term "god church" means a lot as the way Jake Paul said in the song "It's Everyday Bro" "and it's selling like a god church.
This references the widespread belief of god across the world and how many people go to church to worship their god.
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by Logan Paul. July 12, 2017
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An object bought without consideration of its price or materialistic value.
I just dropped knew merchandise, and its selling like a godchurch
by pingfoobar May 31, 2017
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A word in Jake Paul's song its every day bro. And he had to ryhme with merch. And now it's a things he says.
I just dropped some new merch and it's selling like a GOD CHURCH!
by theLmastet September 26, 2017
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A word from a mentally ill youtuber named jack paule. Basically he's retarded
jack: Hey girl what's u-
Perfectly normal non-retarded girlfriend: you're kinda retarded so i'm breaking up with you
jacK: WHAT.. well by the way my new merch is selling like a gOD ChURch
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by jaCK Paule July 15, 2019
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A word utilized by potential rapper, Jake Paul, in his song "It's Everyday Bro".

1) This word could just be used to fill in a spot in Paul's rhythm scheme within the song stated above, and may not have any meaning. It could be inferred that "godchurch" is something positive since it was used in a position connotation.

2) This word could be split up in to two, "god" and "church". God could reference the designer brand "Fear of God" and church can mean to show approval of a situation.
And I just drop some new merch
And they are selling like a Godchurch
by ProcrastinateAtWords May 31, 2017
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