Description of something usually, but not always, politically correct while being affected at the same time.
Q: Did you see her new Toyota Prius?

A: Yeah I saw it. That's SO gluten free!

Jim: "He quit his job to go work for Green Peace."
Bob: "Are you serious dude? That's just f@#king gluten free is what that is."
by holdontheresparky October 03, 2013
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The willingness to have sex in any orifice other than the anus. Usually used in the first or second encounter with a new partner.

Secondary Definition: Extreme sensitivity or complete reluctance towards anal sex.
Dude, I hooked up last and we did just about everything imaginable and when I tried to go greek she told me she was Gluten-free!
by Ez-A January 08, 2012
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A plump/overweight person who insists on eating expensive gluten-free or other health foods thinking they will lose weight, typically failing to achieve results due to lack of exercise or other factors, resulting in largely irrational confusion, frustration, etc
by Malphrus August 22, 2011
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Any asshole that cruises restaurants spreading the fear of wheat into others while angering the entire staff and probably half of the customers. They do this while asking 30 questions and proudly sending back dishes that they fear contains an ingredient that almost nobody is allergic too until after they start the diet.
"excuse me sir, has this plate touched wheat ever?" "Are you allergic to wheat or are you a Gluten free-tard?"
by Annoyed Server April 12, 2012
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A gluten-free friend is a friend that sabotages every meal out with their bullshit. If a gluten-free friend senses people are having fun, they instantly become shit crippled, and ask if what they’re consuming has gluten.
We were having a great night last night when Justin got the bubble gut, and started yelling that his free range tofu had gluten in it. He totally fucked up the night; I’m putting him on the list of gluten-free friends.
by P-Biddy July 11, 2018
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The act of receiving a blumpkin while eating gluten-free yogurt.
My girl made me go on a diet so I can only receive gluten-free blumpkins.

Since I’ve started my diet, I’ve lost 10 pounds off of gluten-free blumpkins.
by No names, just doing the deed October 14, 2019
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