A sad twat who supports Manchester Utd because a)They were the team that were doing well/everyone supported when they started to like football b)Have no life and support whoever is recognised the most
Going down the pub and hearing a bloke with a cockney accent cheering Manchester United on.
by Synthisizer Patel February 03, 2005
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A fan of the New York Yankees and the Yomiuri Giants.
That glory hunter can't name two players on the team, yet he still cheers for them.
by KRHimself June 23, 2005
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People who support a club they live 5000 miles from and hardly ever or never go to matches.
Most glory hunters never sing at matches as you will already know if you have ever visited old trafford on matchday.

Glory Hunters will usually stop supporting a club when they stop winning trophies or get relegated.
Definition of a Glory Hunter is a man utd fan from london where all of them are from
by Franklp22 July 10, 2008
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In Football (soccer terms) relates to a person or persons who only support or follow a certain team because they are successful and win trophies on a regular occasion. The trend started with Liverpool in 1980's, but was hit out the park by the amount of Manchester United fans that sprouted up in the 90's. Arsenal and Chelsea are two other teams that have small glory hunting followings surrounding them.

Manchester United continue to be the most well supported club in England, including being the third most popular club in London, and the next most well supported club in every City and Town in the country after the specific places home town teams. United fans are also called "plastics", very few attend games, but most are considered to be the most arrogant type of fans around. Most are regarded as not true football fans and are nothing but convenience supporters.
"United fans dancing in the streets of Exeter last night again after that win, can't stand glory hunters"

"my brother has never been to a game, he has last seasons strip and watches the highlights every other week but still bigs them up like he's connected to the club, what a glory hunter"
by MM86 December 25, 2012
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Some-one who claims to support and follow one of the big 4 teams in English football but never attends their games nor seems to even have a jersey of their team
Person 1:"I love Chelsea they are the best team in England"
Person 2:"Really why do you love them"
Person 1:"They won the premiership"
Person 2::"So who did you follow last year then?"
Person 1:"I used to follow Mancheter united but they where crap this year but if they do good again next year I might follow them"
Person 2: "Haha you aint no fan man you're just a glory hunter"
Person 1:"What's a glory hunter"
Person 2:"You you only go for teams that are winning or win the premiership just pick a team and stick with it for life get the jersey go to the games follow them where ever they may go and you'll see what being a real passionate fan is all about"
Person 1:"OK I'll go for Arsenal"
Person 2"Omg just pick a crap team and follow them stop being such a glory hunter going for one of the big 4"
by Harry69 February 05, 2011
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a supporter of Manchester United (also known as Manusa or Manure) or Liverpool, so called football fans who support either of these teams because of past successes but who dont come from the respective cities of Manchester or Liverpool and never go to games. If you see a GloryHunter in the pub he/she will be the loudest in support of their team when watching on the big screen.
"We are in Surrey, there are loads of GloryHunters around in their replica shirts, twunts"
by JimmyFloydBottleBank December 04, 2007
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