For an animal to place the head of a smaller animal in its mouth to carry it around. Lions will often glomp the cub of another male and swing them about until the neck breaks.
A dog can glomp a puppy to carry it home. The sound that is made while the dog engulfs the head of the puppy is glomp.
by Justme July 13, 2003
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An excessive attraction between two people in a relationship. This attraction usually results in a feeling of suffocation for one or both involved.
The boy slimply glomped onto his new girl friend.
by Igor Solinsky July 19, 2003
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1.) Glomp: FAT.

2.) Glompy: The act of being fat.

3.)Glomp: To eat someone whole by making your mouth very wide, bending over, and swallowing that person, then going back to normal.
1.)"Look at how glomp that person is. It's horrible"

2.)"Omg, ew, that person is so glompy, their butt is jiggling like there was just a 9.9 earthquake."

by Scnep January 14, 2008
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a running hug involving a little bit of bumsex before eventually removing the penis and just hugging very emotionally
Me and my girlfriend had the best glomping session last night
by legendrich June 20, 2006
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A cross between a hug and a tackle. Usually naked. Resulting in at least one and usually all participants on the ground.
*Lia GLOMPS Vivi as she comes into chat*
by Liahna of FF on 140 September 05, 2010
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