The act of excessively deep-throating a hotdog.
Person 1: That guy is destroying that hotdog!
Person 2: He's just doing the Glizzy Guzzle.
by speedo83 October 18, 2021
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The act of excessively consuming, or guzzling glizzys
Friend 1- Hey, you wanna hangout after school? We are gonna be doin some Glizzy Guzzling
Friend 2- yeah sure, what's the addy?
by The_Sanctimo September 9, 2020
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A person who enjoys fake comedy, supporting and laughing at it for the sake of laughing and because others are doing it.
1 "All that guy does is scroll through TikTok and laugh at random garbage"
2 "Yeah, he's such a glizzy lizard"
by PrettyMuchBro June 16, 2021
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The 11th of May every year, the celebration of eating glizzies (plural for glizzy) takes place to commemorate Nelson Mandela and the work he did in making glizzies so accessible to the masses.
'You coming over for glizzy night tonight, I have a poster. Look!'.
'What's that?'
'It's Glizzy night tonight'.
by a_dumb__boy May 12, 2022
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The person who leads the glizzy gladiators to battle and teaches them the way of the glizzy. They live in the glizzy mansion and usually recruit gladiators by conquering their land. The current glizzy President goes by Roberto King of Kings and will most likely serve until he dies
Joe: The glizzy president just conquered britain!
Your mom: they are all going to be glizzy gladiators now!
by Engle raped me September 13, 2020
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