A stupid name for a hot dog that Cole Rogers made up
Cole is a bitch for using the word glizzy
by illwill4202g May 22, 2020
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by The glizzard January 21, 2022
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a word retards say as a term for hotdog
hey man, you a glizzy goblin?

what the fuck is a glizzy?

a hotdog
by cumlord223 August 15, 2020
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Glizzy is a euphemism for penis or cock
She sucked my glizzy so good last night.
by Glizzy Gobbler 9000 July 18, 2020
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A hot dog

normally used as a joke for people who simply enjoy some meat in between the buns
Ayy bro u want a glizzy?
everytime you show up to family meets, ur the main one gobblin up all the glizzys
by MR.Define.Net October 30, 2020
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When a male inserts a bunnings sausage into their asshole then turn into a glizzy gladiator
Todd- Look how big that glizzy is
Todd 2 - Yea man thats gong up me so can be a gladiator
by ilikeglizzys August 7, 2020
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Hood slang for a glock with the 30-30 mag (mostly used in Toronto)
Yo cuhz u got the Mac or the glizzy?
by Kawi lenerd June 27, 2019
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