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A girl who dress in tight sparkly clothing, can usually be seen on a college campus. PINK sweats by day, Glitter top 5 sizes too small at night.
"Oh my God, look at that pack of glitter bitches over there"
by Kailahanna July 09, 2012
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The girls that work the MAC makeup counter
Everything is all shimmery and shiny and sticky and glossy. Theres always one gay guy there with guyliner manpurse a gay guy hiss and you know he owns assless chaps and ruby red slippers. The girls are all tanned and toned and its winter. Nails long and curvy like little mini shovles or ice cream scoops.
They look like they work fo Circque del Soliel, waist all small they stand tall and the floor dont shake when they walk by. Its a subculture of whored up freaks a skank school of GlitterBitches
by menene February 05, 2010
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candy ravers who are new to the scene. Characterized by all the stereotypical raver equipment, such as (but not limited to) glowsticks, flashers, pacifiers, suckers, Vicks,and so on.
Often will decorate their eyelids and faces with glitter and other sparkly shit.
If that glitter bitch asks me "Do you want a light show???" just ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna have a totally anti-PLUR moment!
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
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Annoying valley girl-esque bitches who wear and distribute unto others lots of glitter without consent, usually at clubs/festivals but sometimes just around town any given night out.
"Watch out dude, there is a glitter bitch out there trying to be cute, using her finger to put glitter on peoples cheeks and blowing glitter off her hands onto peoples chests."
"Fucking hell I hate Glitter Bitches. It's like no one ever taught them to keep their hands (or glitter) to themselves in kindergarten. Thanks for telling me."
by Ace M February 08, 2019
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