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A public middle school in orlando. Although an A school, it sux. the administrators have no idea how to control the students. it is incredibly over populated. it has anything from rich preppy people to people who cant afford food. the amount of puerto ricans at this school is insane. at least 80% of the school is stupid. it is hard to decide who to hate more, the ghetto snobs or the snotty preps. it is somewhat of a hellhole but is constantly filled with action and entertainment. with 5 pregnant girls and arrests happening weekly, there is no lack of news at this school. i know it may seem terrible, but for some reason i love it with a burning passion.
(Say in Billy Mays voice) Wanna get some weed? Glenridge Middle School is the place for you!
by glenridge-goer July 15, 2011
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a middle school in winter park that has the worst teachers known to mankind. all the people there are ugly as heck and the administrators are rude. the guidance counselors won’t help you out unless you get your parent to email them. the new principal doesn’t know how to handle students and frankly, looks like a roach. various teachers have been fired for threatening students, cussing students out, being pedophiles, and even locking kids in closets. not to mention that fights break out all the time. in one case, a girl got in a fist fight with another girl and ended up getting tased by a police officer. skin came off her side and she ended up having to be carried in a wheelchair back to the front office. the officer not only tased her but also sprayed pepper spray around that got in everyone’s eyes. not to mention that girls get pregnant and nudes and rumors get spread around. there was also an incident with drugs at school. a girl was allergic to whatever she was smoking after school in the gym bathroom and her friends had to carry her to the front office. people always vape and smoke in the bathroom. the school has a variety of kids. from kids that are white goodie goodies to white kids that purposely test teachers’ patience and do hardcore drugs. also the black and hispanic people that are rude to everyone about any slight inconvenience. all in all... the school is gross and not worth going to. if you are thinking of going here. don’t. it’s ass.
glenridge middle school is nastyyyy
by PERIODTTTTT April 25, 2019
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