town 25 min southwest of Philadelphia in Delaware County and within 15 minutes of 8 Wawa's, 4 movie theaters, 20 pharmacies, South Jersey, and Wilmington,DE. Pop your collars and get out daddy's Jag to go prowl the weekend in one of the upscale Philly suburbs. Unbeknownst to the mommy's and daddy's, aderol, marijuana, and other savvy narcotics are trafficked on a daily basis in the halls of several private schools and of course blue ribbon highschool Garnet Valley. Commonly associated with Painters Crossing and West Chester.
GuyFromAston:Yo check out that Yuppy from Glen Mills
GuyFromChester:Yea dude, but have you seen him race his Integra at Painters, plus I hear he's got the best aderol in Delco.
by Jaguar21 March 8, 2005
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location of reform school where all the junvenille delinquents from the Delaware Valley get sent. Because of this, they have a stacked track team. Get it? Anyway, these felons live on a nice campus paid for by the taxpayers who the students probably robbed.
At the track meet: Hide your valubles, Glen Mills just rolled in
by anonymous March 22, 2005
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