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Glazing the Pot

Verb (used with object)

Not to be confused with the act of a Potter glazing a hardened piece of clay before firing. This glazing of the pot describes an over-weight fat ass, hairy man shaving his own stomach for the sole purpose of ejaculating ejaculating upon himself and glazing glazing his smooth pot (round belly) with an even layer of cum.
Friend 1: "What's Glazing the Pot mean?"
Friend 2: "Oh boy... Well I'm pretty sure it's when a fat ass with a hairy belly shaves himself and jizzes all over his stomach."

Friend 1: "Where the hell is Bryce?"

Friend 2: "If I had to bet, I'd say he's downstairs glazing his pot."

"Dang dude, your stomach is super smooth and shinny today. Did you glaze your pot last night?"
by Spen15M June 19, 2016
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