This is for poop freaks that might not want to go all the way. Person A (the shitter) and person B (the target a.k.a the person "shat" upon) Person B lays under a glass top coffee table while looking up. Person A takes a dump over the persons face, or other appropriate area of choice. Thus simulating being "pooped on" without all the mess. (I belive the smell could still be an issue)
origin: unknown, though based on glass bottom boats used to watch fish .
"After we scored few lines of coke off my glass topped coffee table, I climbed under it and had my "lover" straddle on top, with her cheeks spread. Her ass opened like the mouth of a lamprey and deposited a big healthy turd over my face. I licked the glass as if I were a fish under a "glass bottomed boat"
by Morbog September 27, 2004
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A sexual act in which the customer lays under a glass coffeetable and looks up through it, while their partner defecates on the top. How some people find this stimulating I'll never know.

Also can refer to the same positioning with a coffee table but the person on top merely presses their genitals onto the glass, for "squashed" visual effect - or can refer to defecating onto someone's face which has been first covered in plastic kitchen wrap like Saran Wrap.
Your grandfather got arrested in Thailand again after paying an underage transvestite hooker for some glass bottom boat action.
by Frank667788 August 21, 2006
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latin: Traba crystalis

In this perfect addition to foreplay, one partner lies beneath a glass coffee table while the other squats above it and unloads. Like viewing the colorful sea life from the relative safety and serenity of a glass-bottom boat, this simple maneuver is not only arousing but biologically tantalizing.
I've been to Hawaii. I've seen all of those fish---its what every tourist does. It's neat and all, but never blew me away. But getting to see my Bobby in action, doing that Glass-bottom boat for me, seeing that magical human process going on in front of me . . .well, I just felt like a science student all over again.
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
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Defecating onto a piece of plastic wrap held snugly above your lover's face. This provides the view similar to a glass bottomed boat. See also: bradar
Hi want me to crap on your face? or would you like a glass-bottomed boat today instead? I am feeling dirty...rrrrrr.
by foug December 15, 2003
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Putting something clear over someone's face (like saran wrap) and then taking a dump on their face.
The King of Pop glass bottom boated some 8 year old boy.
by Dustin December 02, 2003
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A person lies underneath a glass table while another person deficates on top of the table.
At the party Luke was a passenger on a glass-bottom boat.
by Al Tonen April 05, 2004
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