a vicious headbutt (is there another kind?)
Zinedine Zidane showed his displeasure with Materazzi's comments by giving him a Glasgow kiss, drawing a red card from the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final.
by Lillian Thuram July 10, 2006
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a headbutt to the lumpy bit on the nose, shattering it instantly.
g'here noo ya proddie, hun bast'rd ye! im gonna gee ya the fuckin kiss!
by ciaran February 12, 2004
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A lame ass cover band from Port Clinton, OH. They try to be funny but really aren't. Don't sleep with these guys because rumor around town is that 2 of them have STD's. What else would you expect?
JOE: Yo dude! Glasgow Kiss is playing at Nicks Roadhouse this weekend?

BRAD: They're a bunch of lifers that play cover music at redneck bars. Who cares.
by jack849385 January 02, 2011
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