a headbutt to the lumpy bit on the nose, shattering it instantly.
g'here noo ya proddie, hun bast'rd ye! im gonna gee ya the fuckin kiss!
by ciaran February 12, 2004
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A lame ass cover band from Port Clinton, OH. They try to be funny but really aren't. Don't sleep with these guys because rumor around town is that 2 of them have STD's. What else would you expect?
JOE: Yo dude! Glasgow Kiss is playing at Nicks Roadhouse this weekend?

BRAD: They're a bunch of lifers that play cover music at redneck bars. Who cares.
by jack849385 January 02, 2011
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The Glesga Kiss.

I remember my first kiss like it wis only yesterday.
An’ I’ve goat the marks across my foreheid jist tae prove it.
It wis in the West End Ballroom, it’s nae longer there they say.
An’ I’m glad the Glesga Cooncil decided tae move it.

There wis this wee blonde wumman, she looked a guid wee dancer.
So I dashed across the flerr at considerable speed.
The wumman saw me comin’, sayin’, ‘here’s that bow-legged chancer.’
An’ she hit me oan the foreheid wi’ her heid.

I cannae remember her name, och! It’s a’ the bloody same.
I’m bein’ hurled aroon’ the Royal oan a barra.
My shirt’s a’ fu’ o’ bleed, wi’ fifteen stitches in my foreheid.
An’ the Doctor says I’ll no’ see for days, because o’ her mascara.

I swore it wid be the last time I’d be goin’ tae the dancin’.
There surely must be a safer way tae carry oan romancin’.
(flerr( floor
(cannae) can not
(hurled) wheeled
(aroon') around
(barra( barrow
by joseph sharp January 11, 2004
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