used ironically, used when doing something impressive or when youre feeling confident (?)
"i feel so girlboss right now"
"i did thing im such a girlboss holy shit"
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(noun, can also be used as a verb: to girlboss)
Someone, a woman/femme person who is very assertive and strong.

Is often used in a joking manner, as it originated from self proclaimed "girlbosses" who try to sell you pyramid-schemes on Facebook, but it can be a compliment nonetheless.
Katy: "Have you met Andrea? She's such a Girlboss!"
Danny: "I have, I wish I could girlboss all the time like she does..."
by I'd never October 13, 2021
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Literally the thessaloniki groupchat with Emma,Maria,Fou and Margarini
"Hey do you know 4 hot girls?"
"Oh you mean Girlbosses?"
by avourouska June 27, 2021
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wtf does girlboss mean”


“who is shiloh”

“a girlboss”
by Lilasmart March 7, 2022
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silly and goofy girls who are winning and losing in life
tharuki is such a girlboss! #goofy
by girlbossxoxoxox October 15, 2021
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