A (usually but not always) female who is doing great at something. (to summarize it, Dulce T.)
(Person does something amazing)
Person 2: OMG!!! You are soooo girlboss!
by Sapphicfrog January 7, 2022
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Vi from Arcane
"Did you see Alice punch that creep in the face?"
"Yeah she's such a girlboss!"
by Mommymaya January 22, 2022
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Girlboss is like telling your friends their cool. But in a funnier way. And its almost always over text.
Omg, *name* your such a girlboss, thats such a funny joke.
by Pussiepoggers May 14, 2022
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Ms. Phillips said she doesn't need a man to make her happy. She is such a girlboss!
by wisteriiaaa November 3, 2021
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Wow Sandra’s such a GIRLBOSS she brings food once a week to all her coworkers and she is a Sugga mommy!
by Girlbosspussyqueen May 7, 2022
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a state of mind, any gender or non-gender person can reach if they believe in themselves enough..
He's a girlboss!
She's a girlboss!
They're a girlboss!
by Someinternetstranger July 14, 2021
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