a person who manages to blend in the crowd and yet always stands out.
by nicole frits June 27, 2017
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Girls are people that go out with "bad boys" and after they ignore every decent guy that comes their way their heart is finally broken by the said "bad boy" and then complain and say that boys are stupid and worthless.
Girls: OMG! He broke my heart, guys are so stupid.

Boys: Maybe if u bothered to find a decent one you'd think different.
by Tellsitasitis August 11, 2009
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They are like sheets of tinted glass, very fragile and it's really hard to see through them...
Day 1

Girl: Did you even think about me or were you too busy playing Half Life 2?
You: (Slightly lied) Of course I did, I was thinking of you while I play the game.
Girl: ....(not talking and left w/o saying good bye)
You: (Send her an E-Card and find a poem for her and tell her that you love her.

Day 2
You: Open your Email after you came from work/shchool...the Email said that she's braking up with you because she doesn't want commitment.
You: you think back of all the things you did for her, you're pretty sure she love you and now she's saying otherwise.

Possible explanations:
1. It's her period
2. There's someone else she like
by monarch January 31, 2005
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Girls are an intricate race of polar opposites of guys. I'm not saying all girls are bad but I would say a HIGH majority of girls are just bitching attention whores. One day you're cool with them and the next they decide to randomly flip out over little piece of shit things and then proceeds to act like some brainless 2 year old.

Unfortunately statistics show that almost all of the nice, quiet girls are taken already. That leaves the rest of the girls and the G.I.R.Ls to be fairly split among desperate guys. Good luck finding a girl.
All the quiet, nice girls are overshadowed by their bitching attention hogging peers. Too bad. The world sucks but what can we do about it?
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
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The short cold one in constant need of attention.
“Mom, I’ve been talking with this girl”
by Hahafunnyjoke November 26, 2019
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