You can't live without em and you can't shoot em.
I was about to kill my bitch(girl) when she offered to gove me oral. What was I gonna say no!
by Thatguywhocamps11 May 1, 2011
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One of the most confusing things on earth. If you are a boy you will never understand one. Probably have there own language that only girls understand. They always say one thing and mean the other. Like hugging eachother and saying I’m sorry lots of times if they hurt another girl. For some reason they love buying lots of clothes. So good luck to any boys!🙃
Girl #1: Oh my Gosh we get to go to the malll!!!!

Girl #2:( in high pitch scream) YAAAASSS
by SmartyPantsWithAnts February 20, 2019
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Person 1: What the hell is that?
Person 2: I think its a girl
by Earnie Hart October 22, 2009
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Some people believe that a second gender called 'girls' exist; mainly because many online video games allow them as a character. The acronym is used to remind people of their nonexistence - or to fix up confusion if someone thinks a girl character is actually a girl.
by Emper June 29, 2012
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1).A person, not a thing to be used and disposed of.

2).Someone with feelings.
4).Someone who deserves your respect.
5).Not a man, or manly.
6).Someone to spend your money on.
7).An underestimated, and cruelly treated being (kind of like a dolphin).
One of my best friends happens to be a girl. How about you?
by Alfonso Sanchez December 27, 2011
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A irrational illogical emotional thing that bleeds every month
by hjdps December 11, 2010
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Something I just NEVER seem to always seems like all da real catz can't get any chicks...

Girls, they want ONE guy, and thatz IT! And if they can't have that ONE guy, they're gonna say "all guys are jerks" and then their gonna become all sad or become all bitchy just over ONE guy that is probably "exactly what they are lookin for"

Girls need to realize that even though that ONE guy might not like them like they want them too, they NEED to move on, cuz theres other guys that want that same chick.

And these other guys (like me) try to get to know a girl like this, but we GET REJECTED.

Girls IGNORE me no matter what I seem to do. I try to go up to one, smile at them, and say "hey how's it goin?" but they ALWAYS ignore me or say "why do you care" BECAUSE I'm not that ONE guy they originally wanted in tha first place...

Girls want ONE guy DESPERATELY, and they will do anything to get him. And when they can't get that one guy, they'll start saying all boys are stupid. THEY NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES and realize that guys like me would love to get to know them, but instead they ignore us. And this is EXACTLY why I get rejected everytime...

I'm 19 years old and I haven't even been on a date, I haven't even hugged a girl yet, and I try talkin to girls ALL DA TIME! I try bein nice, but I guess girls will ALWAYS be a "girl"
Me: "Hey, how's it goin?" :) *while smiling*

Girl: *walks by and COMPLETELY ignores guy*

Me (to another girl): "Hey, how's it goin?" :)

Girl: "why do you care?"

*Girl then probably thinks "what a loser"*

BUT WHO KNOWS what girls are really thinkin...

by ThaRealestNigga January 1, 2009
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