all nice and sweet and innoccent...until you do one little thing wrong!!!!!
Bob:"hey alice, nice shirt, looks hot on you..."
by blank May 07, 2003
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Guy In Real Life

This is often used in chatrooms and online games.
Ashley: Hello :) wanna date?
Johhny: No thanks, I can tell that you're a g.i.r.l!
by i r your father February 02, 2010
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Generally known as G.I.R.L. is often used in online games when a male plays as a female online. Mainly used to flirt themselves into a male online player's bank. Meaning they will ask for items or money in-game and will most likely get a yes just because of their "female charm".

Can also be used aside from online games. ie, chatting, profiles, social networks. etc.

G = Guy(s)
I = In
R = Real
L = Life
Guy1: Are you a g.i.r.l. too?
Guy2: Always have been.
by Phazo October 25, 2007
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Beautiful, amazing, lovely NOT ONLY USED FOR SEX.
girls are amazing
by animalsloveyou April 06, 2015
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"You can't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."
Its time of the god damn month again and yet I am still here on this god damn earth.
by Kat February 13, 2005
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A beautiful thing that bleeds every month, that guys can't live without.
by asdfsaf January 27, 2008
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People rumored to be non-existant on the Internet.
<some girl> hi guys, i'm a girl! :)

<random people>
"A female?!"
"y helo thar...butsekz? LOLOL"
"Wait there can't be girls on the Internet! FAKER!"
"STFU n00bs"
"Wait, do you have nekkid pix?"
"I'll second that too!"
by dj gs68 October 24, 2003
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