A girl that keeps returning for the D.
Your girl is leaving.
Don’t worry she’s a yo-yo girl she’ll be back for this D.
by UrbanSnow April 13, 2018
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ANYONE who takes a petite spoonful of a quinoa salad dish and with a slight tilt of the head slight "enlightened" smile, and squints their eyes just so.... says "yummmmmmmmm"
dude i was gonna ask her out but when she took a bite of my moms quinoa salad after an acro sesh... i realized she was a "yum girl" cause my mom has no idea how to prepare quinoa.
by psychicpsalms January 12, 2017
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Opposite of white washed person an attractive lady from south asian hertitage living in the western world who hasn't completely forgotten their culture. Yummy means cultured in a good taste dress food etc. They still speak their native language at times
Aleesha khaliq nicolette Grey and pakistani influencers in the uk are examples of yummy brown girls
by Heylolyygf July 4, 2022
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Some girl from McCaskey High School who’s built like a gorilla somehow shape shifted into a turtle with posture problems.
Look at that girl over there.. wait, is that 🐢 girl??”
by thatoneguyonDfloor October 29, 2021
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