A girl who has respect for female etiquette. A girl who is not petty and strives to be ethical and decent in her dealings with her female friends.
Marie: Ashley just broke up with Josh, you should totally go for it!

Megan: Nuh-uh! Josh is totally off limits!

Marie: But you've been crushing on him for months.

Megan: So what? Ashley and I are friends. I'd totally be shitting on girl etiquette to go after her ex.

Marie: Wow Megan, you're a real girl's girl.
by SavariD December 10, 2010
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A girl that is the definition of what a girl wants to be around. for some what a girl wants in another girl.
that Megan is a girls girl, they all adore her
by luvlife210 August 14, 2008
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like your main chick...your main girlie...your main homegirl...for either a dude or a girl...
dude= "yo thats my girl girl..."

chick= "me and my girl girl finna go out"
by mami007 September 30, 2006
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A girl who is into sterotypically girly things, such as pink, unicorns, ribbons, fashion, makeup, etc.
I can tell you who isn't a girl girl. Tex, from the popular web series Red Vs. Blue is NOT a girl girl.
by That bitch stole my name February 15, 2009
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sex between females; while often referred to as Lesbian sex, it is not appropriate to. Lesbianism is a sexual orientation, not physical sex between two women. Fantasizing about having sex with another woman does not make you a lesbian. Women are usually seen as soft, gentle, loving, and romantic, which is not how men are usually perceived. A woman may desire these things in her sex life. She may feel that since a woman has the same anatomy, she will be a better lover and more in tune with her needs. Even though a woman is not sexually attracted to other women, she may be attracted to these "feminine" qualities. To a certain extent, female/female physical intimacy is socially acceptable, at least when not done to exclusion.
Nancii and I enjoy intercourse, mutual masturbation, and oral sex, but she still needs her girl-girl sex once in awhile with "S"
by Jake February 18, 2004
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katie, heather, and adrianna went girl on girl on girl

i had some hot girl on girl on girl action last nite ;)
by Daydreame August 12, 2010
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Song by Panic! At The Disco on their third studio album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die released in 2013.

Despite that the song is written about a sexual experience, which Panic!'s frontman Brendon Urie experienced, within release of this song, it immediately got changed into a bi-anthem.

On every live performance, Brendon Urie wears a few pride flags and before or after the song, there is a small motivational speech.

The music video features Brendon completely naked.
*Girls/Girls/Boys finishes playing*
Brendon: 'If you're feeling like, you don't belong and feeling like a misfit or you're being bullied constantly.

No, we accept you and we love you very very much.'
by xxMVG_Fan8xx May 1, 2021
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