Greens In Regulation

Which is to say, hitting the green in a game of golf in two strokes less than what the par would be for that hole.
-Dan made three GIR's today, he was hitting them beautifully.
by Christopha March 22, 2008
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The idol of all melodramatic emo people. One of the characters of the worst cartoon show ever, Invader Zim. Probably 90% of the reason that 323 emo people slit their throat when Invader Zim was cancelled. Talks like a half-retarded robot dog thing. Probably the bane of my existance too!

Jake (me): No he doesn't. He is a fictional, cancelled cartoon character.

Emo person: You are so mean! Imma go cut myself.
by iusedtobeEMObutnowithasNOPOINT October 27, 2010
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alien invader SIR robot that was created by left over parts in the trash. brain made of 2 pennies, a screw, a paper clip, and a mint. wears and green and black dog suite with a giant zipper on it and his tongue is sticking out. I LOVE GIRR
Off of the Nickelodeon carton INVADER ZIM. Gir is zims robot.
by Shalan bailey October 18, 2011
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A word for a person to express to another person that he/she is sexually aroused.
Boy: Giiiiiiiir :)
Girl: (Runs away)
by Raaaazooor December 13, 2009
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The 3 ladies who define themselves as the girs. They come in style and are the pretty girls but are boys to the boys. Sarah, Hunter and Ruby. They are there for "Saturday's are for the boys". They make all the basic little sluts feel bad about themselves for even being around them Bc the girs are more fun and cool and the boys will take em any day over typical bids.
"The girs are rollin up" *bros body slam into one another* "ah thank god u guys came look at these ugly thots we're just tryna bro down"
by $av0ry September 08, 2017
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