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a bunch of faggots live here. a lot of slut teenagers already have babies here. a lot of morons from here joined the army to go kill innocent people. the flouride in the water made dem reel smurt in dey hedz! mostly white trash pieces of shit with no future,who assume if they waste money on college in an economy with 25% unemployment they will go somewhere in life. most people from g-turd think ufc is cool,and football. they like to live out their homo-erotic fantasies vicariously thru tribal warfare type rituals aka ufc, fuck ball. you wont see any smart people in gibsonburg,because the smart ones leave.

oogie's pizza

owned by slut whores

gibsonburg high school

cameras in the bathroom to watch the period blood of people tampon tasting side effects
weiner roach smoker Gibsonburg,Oho
by Aaron ROACH Smokar June 05, 2011
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