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Similar to ghostriding the whip although with a bike instead of a car. It can mean to ride a bike and then jump off and go dumb along side of it while it is still going by itself, or to stand on it or sit on it wrong or get hyphy on it while it is still going. Even though it is similar to ghostriding the whip, it is not be taken seriously and it's origin did not relate to the hyphy movement or any kind of rap at all. The term was brought to fame mostly by TJ Smalls' comical song, "Ghostride the Bike".
"yo i be ghostridin ma bike all up through oakland ya dig cuz i be hyphy"

"He can ghostride the bike for 45 minutes!"

"I ghostride ma bike real slow, goin' dumb on the cross bar gettin' stoned, never fall off, ghostridin ma sh*t at the mall infrona Ross,..." - Mac Hassla
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