The act of disappearing for a prolonged time or not talking in a live stream
Barry- Have you heard from Mark?
Tom- Nah man he's ghosting again.
by TheBluePanda October 02, 2016
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When a guy cums but nothing comes out.
An orgasm with no visible cum.
Girl: ''Are you sure you came?''
Guy: ''Yea, but i was ghosting''
by Jodester3000 November 07, 2017
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The advanced version of going dead.
Normally when going dead on someone they don’t leave this stage but some will and become friends again and will probably remind you why you started going dead on them
James: Dude I think you should start Ghosting on Alex
JD: Are you sure I should do it
James: How many times have you started Going dead on him
JD: Twice
James: Twice?! And he still acting like an asshole to you. Start Ghosting on him
JD: You right. That nigga getting ghosted
by BlueJay Slade May 28, 2018
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A method of masturbation, where one sits on their arm for a long period of time until the limb goes completely numb. Then, when they pleasure themself if feels as though someone else is touching them. The "Ghost Limb" is difficult to control, so it feels as though it isn't really there.
Eren: Aw, man! Jerkin' the Gherkin doesn't feel like it used to.

Connie: Bro dude, have you tried ghosting with that bad boy?
by JeanMarcoLovechild April 16, 2017
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