In KoC someone has been ghosted when weapons have been sabbed without leaving any logs
"dude i lost 1400 nuns!"
"who sabbed you"
"idk he ghosted me"
by bill_the_ripper October 06, 2009
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To set the stage:

There is a guy or girl bent over or standing, holding open a gaper "any hole" if it isn't self-gaped already, and the other inserts an object into the gape without thouching.
Obama: where did nuke # 317,678 go last week?

Cartman: you haven't heard Mr President? Trump ghosted the election up Hillary's campaign.
by Andorifthen June 30, 2018
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When your in the passion of conversation and look over to see your significant other looking at their their device....
Oh...uhhuhhh yea I hear ya...cool ...yup (you’ve been ghosted with ignore-ance)
by Bertman2000 December 17, 2017
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When a person you are date is too Immature to have adult conversation about issues. So they stop all contact and act like they never meet you
They ghosted me.
by Robert7979 October 06, 2018
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Basically when someone you know acts like they don't know you, or when you send text to someone (most normally when it's a question) and they just ignore the text entirely -- whether they opened it or saw it on the notification bar.
Me: Bro, I waved her -- she looked me straight in the eyes -- and she just looked away like I was some stranger.
Buddy: Yo, bro you got your ass ghosted.


Me: Yo, I sent her a text and she hasn't responded. And I checked, she be online all the time, updating her status and shit, but she ain't say nothin'.
Buddy: Bruh, you getting ghosted. Forget that thot.
by Black's Eclipse January 12, 2019
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