When you are experiencing something that no one else in the room does - only you.
Person 1: "Is there a draft in here?"
Person 2: "Nah man...I think you're just ghosted"
by Alphajerked October 24, 2008
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When a person uses some form of currency, such as promiscuity (females) or spending hard cash (males) to have intimate relations with a higher value individual, and then act surprised when the object of their desire chooses the low road and simply vanishes rather than make up lame excuses for slumming it with a lower value individual.
Woman1: Chad stopped calling and texting all of a sudden! He just vanished!

Woman2: I saw him with Zoe at the mall yesterday... girl, you got ghosted.
Man1: *cough* saw that coming *cough*
Man2: Yeah, but he could have broke it off like a man instead...
by Insidious_Sid July 25, 2015
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In KoC someone has been ghosted when weapons have been sabbed without leaving any logs
"dude i lost 1400 nuns!"
"who sabbed you"
"idk he ghosted me"
by bill_the_ripper October 06, 2009
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To set the stage:

There is a guy or girl bent over or standing, holding open a gaper "any hole" if it isn't self-gaped already, and the other inserts an object into the gape without thouching.
Obama: where did nuke # 317,678 go last week?

Cartman: you haven't heard Mr President? Trump ghosted the election up Hillary's campaign.
by Andorifthen June 30, 2018
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When something happens that you see that hurts you but you let it keep happening
by Whenshithappens February 25, 2019
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