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RAPE!!! if you do this get out of my face. this is when two men switch places during sex without the girl knowing, the second man was not consensual. disgusting
“you dude me and my buddy had ghost sex with tasha last night”

“dude.. we aren’t friends anymore that’s rape”
by flareings July 05, 2019
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when you are hitting your girl from the back and your friend comes out of the closet and you pretend to adjust but you swap places and you wave at your girlfriend through the window
Chandler: I really gave Monica a scare with that ghost sex yesterday!
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by milkowotea July 16, 2019
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The strange phenomena that has emerged over the last few years wherein young, mostly black urban boys film themselves humping and grinding against empty furniture, the floor, etc.
"My shorty was over to her Grandmoms, so when I got horny, I just had some wicked Ghost Sex all up in the ottoman. Just practicing, son."
by Johnny Murder June 21, 2009
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When two people are have sexual intercourse and the man blind folds the female and has his friend come out of the dark and rape her. The only people who do this are rapists with 3 inches erected penis’s. The two have to come together and that’s the only way they will be able to achieve the average penis size of 6 inches.
Hey Chad, do you want to participate in having ghost sex with my girlfriend? I know you have a small penis, and so do I. Maybe we can work together and we can pleasure her. What do you say?
by KingOfHonesty July 06, 2019
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ghost sex is when you and a sexual partner blind fold each other and each partner has the other partners worst fear bagged up then they wait til you are chained up and they unleash the fear causing ghost face or passing out
she said in a deep voice hi my names jim time to pop that mud cherry after he screams ghost sex is great
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by sanxity July 02, 2019
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