"Ghost Ridin" is another Bay Area stylin make-up riding/dance style where about five people get out of the car and start getting hyphy on the car while the car moving on its own.
"Look at dem usos Ghost Ridin the Expedition." Get hyphy uce, Get Hyphy uce!! Yadadasaimean!!
by P-Savvy May 10, 2006
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Driving around in your car w/ illegal tint, so that you can see out, but others can't see in.
My boy was ghost ridin; and some fools were trying hard to see who was driv'n, but couldn't.
by BB2000 August 12, 2007
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Once again u cats tried and failed......
Ghost ridin or doin tha Creedy-bo(R.I.P.)
is when u LEAVE the car in gear but u slow down enough to walk or dance next to your car or hop on top of the hood,roof, or trunk and let Casper drive
Brah I seen u on E.14 ghost ridin tha scrape thang

Boi tha sideshow was yankin!!!! Cats was in tha hyphy train ghost ridin and hella shit till them people started comin
by B Hefna April 04, 2008
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the act of choosing to be invisible to your online buddies.
A: Is joe talking to you online?
B: No, he's been ghost ridin' gchat for a while now.
by chasingbrucelee April 29, 2009
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