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A cancerous culture similar to the flood from the halo series minus the intelligence brought by the abominations of earth and turn into one of them those who reject becoming a cancer cell and reject being a ultimate homo are wrongfully condemned because they resist being a living plague to society. The ghetto are one of worst of the worst, they harm people for no good reason they bully and kill just for pleasure, and drop out of school, they run around the streets doing drugs and robbing , raping and killing abd fighting innocents, they love drama because they have nothing else to live for, infinitely stupid and unbelievably proud of it and harming those who don't agree with their cancer, they talk like they have a dick in their mouth and are too stupid to even read and answer the simplest math questions, they only deserve extirpation and nothing else, they are the world's biggest homos and one of if not the biggest cancer
Ghetto homo: Ey yo you a bitch ass n!gga

Regular Human being : what?
Ghetto homo: you wanna fight bitch

Regular human being: leave me alone or i'll call the police!
Ghetto homo: yo pussy as n!gga fuk is wrong wit you
Regular human being: oh no your one those from the ghetto culture
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