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Ghettos in Sacramento. Most ghetto places in Sacramento are Oak Park, Del Paso Heights, Arden Fair, Natomas, Meadowview, Akali Flats, Strawberry Mannors, Norwood and there is a lot more. A lot of schools are ghetto like Martin Luther King Jr. High School, Grant High School, Hagginwood Elementary, Oak Ridge Elementary plus a lot more. If you want the opposite of ghetto, go to the city next door called Davis where its all non ghetto. North Sac and South Sac are the worst as West Sac has only one gang and East Sac is quiet. North Sac has more gangs but South Sac seems to be a lil more dangerous because it has more people. But both are extremely dangerous. A lot of drugs are around also and the parks in these areas are for no kid to play in.

To list these places in order from worst neighborhoods:

1.Oak Park(slightly over Del Paso Heights)
2.Del Paso Heights
3.Strawberry Mannors
4.Meadow View
5.Alkali Flats
Rich Person : Why is there so much violence?
Gangsta:Cuz it's ghetto sacramento mufucka!
by OG_SakTowN April 10, 2011
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