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A group of young thugs from Lehigh Acres, Florida. Mostly operate out of East Lee County high school, but their influence is rumored to have spread as far north as Canada and certain parts of Alaska.

The Ghetto Boiz were formed in 1970 by neighborhood children to combat the boredom of living in a small, rural, Southwest Florida town. They started out as petty thiefs, and arsonists, but soon moved on to bigger and more heinous crimes. By 1978 they were dabbling in major drug and human trafficking, Murder, extortion, and of course, BREAKING CURFEW. They grew to become one of the most powerfull gangs in America, and that status still stands today.
John: I heard the Ghetto Boiz jumped a crippled 9 year old elementary school student!!!

Jim: Yea. There fucking tough shit!
by G.B BELEE THATZ April 08, 2008
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