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"Get gains not girls" was a termed coined by Dom.DC in late 2017, since then it has become a popularized term used by fellow Wakeley native Rueben O, whom uses it as a means to what the young kids refer to as "lowkey" "flex" and showoff their somewhat and sometimes minimal to decent to satisfactory gains instead of sending a picture without the term and causing uproar and controversy in the case of their being no gains made. However, due to the history and humour behind the term, although it may be quite overused sometimes by the fellow Wakeley native, it still provides a slight amount of laughter among 'the boys'. Although most of the times your brethren could likely do without it, and just see a picture of you flexing without using it as a means of being "lowkey". Phrase: 'Gets gains not girls'. Coined: Late 2017, Dominic.DC, Mostly used by: Rueben.O
by D_Won1 January 12, 2018
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