A place in which faggots and racist congergrate to talk about how many jews they have slain, or how many penis' they have touched.
Hey man, do you go to the German School?" "Absolutely not, im not a homosexual.
by Potomac Felon January 26, 2011
The place where I have to go every day. It's weird there. You learn boring things like math, German, English, and in history things about France. Yeah, crazy right? And the worst thing is that you HAVE to go there like there are no home lessons or anything like that, just the school. And if you're not going one day the police will come... nice hm? (Btw I'm from Germany so my English isn't as good I'm sorry)
Me: Are you going to a German school?
Everyone who's not German: no!!
by ImGerman December 22, 2019
When a man cums in his partner's ear.
My girl wanted to hear the sound of children, so I gave her the ol' German school bus.
by Bear5200 September 30, 2022