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An older song by The Seekers; May or may not describe the girl Georgy well.
"..Hey there Georgy girl, walking down the street so fancy free, nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there, inside you..."
by Jorgi :) July 18, 2008
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A term in reference to the song "georgy girl" by the seekers with a similar meaning of a very homely looking.

A georgy girl is homely humble looking girl who by choice keeps this look. Again possibly for comfort or maybe out of routine. Not due to monetary issues, or body size issues.

She will gripe and complain about the way she looks, maybe cry at night. When she shops she skips the boutiques and trending clothing stores. She skips over the trendy looks and seeks looks, make-up, and clothing the exact same as she already owns. (And buys it by the truckload).

She never explores new ideas and bickers with anyone who criticizes her. She dreams of dressing like Hollywood stars, and runway models but due to her lack of confidence doesn't believe she can be that look. She fears rejection and humiliation so much it stunts her emotional growth.

In a sense her attire reflects her confidence.
I georgy girl karen would dress up once in a while and finally be the girl she wants to be
by Theamazinggeek October 19, 2018
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