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A female convinced so wholeheartedly of her plainness or undesirability that she goes through life with the conviction that no one would ever deign to even so much as have a casual relationship with her. This belief is belied as wrong as evinced by her appearance.
Georgie Girl, America Ferrera as Betty Suarez in the television program Ugly Betty.
by FichenDich September 11, 2010
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A sex machine. If you come across her you will die of insanity because of her hotness.
If you try to kill her, her assassins, frankie and jordy shore will go to your house and set it on fire with you inside.
Georgie girl can also get very horny when a VERY hot guy is in the came room so beware because she will do any thing to get him.
Boy1: HOLY CRAP is that georgie girl?!
boy2: It has to be RUN AWAY before she kills us
by georgiegirl April 17, 2013
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