Whilst sometimes thought to be the name of an American state, this definition refers to a name. Georgia is the name of a girl typically associated with the Australian sub-species of bogans. Typically seen wearing tight pants and with attire typical of the 80's/90's. Georgia's also have a tendency to be poor housekeepers and dishes will often be left unwashed for days.
Person 1: Oh wow, do you ever clean your dishes? Looks like something's living there!
Person 2: Nah I just leave it until I can be bothered.
Person 1: You should've been called Georgia.
by Grant Owen Davies February 28, 2013
A amazing beautiful girl, wonder full in every way possible, allway there for you and never turns her back on, you may be horrible to her but allways make it up to her, treat her like a princess and your be her prince, and live happy ever after for ever
Georgia is my princess she is so beautiful
by Carl12343 February 4, 2018
The best girl you'll ever meet. A huge hopeless romantic and makes all the guys stop and stare. She is incredibly hot and good at everything she does. She also loves sports. Watch out men...
"That Georgia is so hot"
an awesome girl pretty smart nice shes just blows my away shes everything and that simile like holy shit she is by far the best girl anyone can
person 1: 1 sec I have to get my breath back

ME: on no Georgia walked in
by air jordan August 10, 2014
A beautiful girl, Very very nice person. Understandable, Likes to eat Tacos
"That Girl is such a Georgia I wish I what that Perfect"
by rebecca_black_suck_my_ass March 8, 2015
a state that gets waaaaaaaaay too hot & humid in the summer, you can't breathe.
it's hot outside, i must be in georgia
by sarahbear7607 June 13, 2008