Usually small with a big attitude, split personality when alcohol is introduced. Sally usually comes out when a Georgia Leadbetter drinks woodpecker cider leading her to climb buildings and lampposts banging on her chest like King Kong.
Everyone runnnnnn! Georgia Leadbetter is drinking cider, Sally is coming everyone take cover!
by Atruthtella69 November 25, 2021
A wannabe southerner who can’t tell if he’s from Alabama, Georgia or Colorado.

Someone who can recite verbatim the complete history of every fried chicken place known to man... ie... Zaxby’s, Guthrie’s, Chick Fil A
What do you call a guy who’s sister and wife are one in the same.... a Georgia Joe.
by Dsizzle22 June 30, 2019
When you bust in a girl and she queefs it back on to you.
Just as I busted into Stacy’s mom she Georgia Leafblower’d all over me
by JCH33K March 22, 2019
An accredited, residential state university in Carrollton, Georgia. The campus is a mix of traditional and modern buildings with a nice gym and up-to-date athletic facilties. Particularly well-suited for families and students within a couple hours drive including northwest, west and Atlanta metro area Georgia residents. Also can be a good choice for some international students as Carrollton is close to the Atlanta job market and welcoming. Go West Georgia Wolves.
My mother got her undergraduate degree in education from the University of West Georgia and has worked for 30 years in public schools, and my dad studied business there and is a operations manager in a manufacturinging facility. The school is a good choice for some people.
by SirZDefiner April 7, 2021
Georgia is a very pretty girl she is very funny she has a great body I mean like the bommm but she is always bullied because she rides horses and she loves them so much most of the times Georgia’s have blue eyes but that dose t matter because she is so sweet her crush dose not like her the that is ok she is going to send this sati I’m to but people do t get how much stress she goes through but she holds it in she doesn’t really talk about her self she dose t show if she j hurting but she cares about every one else if you have Georgia as a friend you should keep her because if you let her go you will never find someone as great as her
I have a crush on Georgia Rossand I asked if she will date me and she doesn’t like me but she said yes and then she started to like me a lot
by Georgia Ross June 8, 2021
The city where if someone says something most of the city as a whole collectively decides to dick ride it with the feeling of wanting to fit in.
dang bro he really dick riding rn”
for real man he HAS to be from Rome Georgia”
by 4pf the new big January 19, 2022